What We Take

National Pawn and Jewelry

Most people would be surprised to find out what they can get for their valuables. In many cases, our customers aren’t aware that they can sell or get a loan with their unwanted goods.

National Pawn & Jewelry accepts anything of value including, jewelry (even the broken bits and pieces), scrap gold, precious metals, cameras and camera equipment, musical instruments and gear, electronics, computers, flat-panel TVs, game systems, DVDs and video games, gold coins, collector’s gold coins, leather goods, household goods, construction equipment, used tools and much more.

Bring in any of your unwanted valuables that are lying around the house and turn them into quick cash or get a loan! Our professionals are always looking for new and unique items. Did you know we also accept larger merchandise such as cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and lawn mowers?

If you have an item that you feel has resale value but is not listed below, it doesn't hurt to ask. Our staff considers anything and everything. Search for a location near you to get a loan or fast cash for your merchandise today.

If you need instant cash, we buy and loan top dollar on all firearms!

Pawn Your Firearm

Need cash but don’t want to sell your firearm? No Problem! Bring it to National Pawn & Jewelry and we will be happy to assign a borrowing/collateral value for your firearm and you can borrow up to that amount of money. The process is quick and easy and you walk out with cash knowing that your firearm is safe and sound until you come back to pick it up.

Sell or Trade Your Firearms

Firearms | National Pawn and Jewelry

Looking for a new gun or thinking about upgrade your current firearm? Let us be your local place to shop! We stock over large variety of hunting items and most major brand of firearms including Wesson, Glock, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Mossberg, Rock River Arms, Winchester, and many more.

We will accept a trade in on a firearm when you upgrade to a different firearm. Because your satisfaction is our priority, all prices are negotiable. If you don’t like it, we change it!. Bring it into National Pawn & Jewelry and we will make the process easy for you to sell or upgrade your firearm.

Vehicles | National Pawn and Jewelry

Large Items

We accept all types of large items such as boats, RVs, jet skis, trailers, vehicles, motorcycles, concrete mixers and other construction items. We accept many, many additional large items so call to find out if you are interested in one off the list because chances are, we’re interested. Be sure to have proof of ownership, if applicable, and a valid I.D.

If you are interested in pawning or selling large items, check our Locate a Store section to see which ones accept them.

How Much Is My Item Worth?

You can be certain that you will always get a fair and honest assessment at our National Pawn & Jewelry stores – our Texas pawnbrokers stay up-to date with market values and resell prices. When you bring in your merchandise, one of our knowledgeable staff members will walk you through the assessment process. You can be sure you are in good hands with any of our Central TX pawnbrokers, who use the latest research tools and strive to get you the maximum amount of cash for your personal property. Your valuables will be appraised based on a number of factors, but overall the evaluation process varies depending on the type of item up for pawn.For example, rings are evaluated much differently than electronics or used tools. For a gold ring, we would assess the percentage of gold (karats), whereas for used tools we would test functionality, wear, etc.

Before you come into a National Pawn & Jewelry store it may be beneficial for you to research the current market prices of the items you would like to pawn, for your knowledge. Generally speaking, item value is determined by what the general population is willing to pay for an item, which is also known as an item’s worth. The amount you are offered by the pawnbroker will be dependent on the following factors:

  • Uniqueness and Worth. Is your item rare and unique or was it widely manufactured? Will your item increase or decrease in worth over time? For instance, jewelry, silver, and gold often increase in worth.
  • Condition. Is your item in pristine condition or does it have a lot of wear and tear? Is your item damaged? Is it functional? Does your item have any visible dents or scratches
  • Preservation and Authenticity. Has your item been repaired? Does your item have its original parts?
  • Marketability. Is your item still in demand or is it obsolete? Can the pawnbroker expect to resell your item? Going back to our used tool example, is your used power tool obsolete or would someone still use it today? Would anyone want to purchase this item?

Market values and pricing can fluctuate throughout the year and is often changing. Please take heed that our Texas pawnbrokers have no control over the marketability of your valuables; they will, however, offer you competitive amounts for your collateral loan or when you are pawning your items for quick cash.