Sell Your Merchandise in Austin, TX

National Pawn and Jewelry

When an unexpected expense comes your way or an emergency arises, National Pawn & Jewelry is your quick cash solution provider. We make selling your items simple and hassle-free. You may not realize how much money you can raise by selling your items or getting a loan using things you utilize every day. Selling your items to our pawn shops is a better option than having a yard or garage sale; you can get more cash without the trouble of selling your items for hours.

Sell your Merchandise | National Pawn and Jewelry

If you have unwanted or unused items lying around the house, we encourage you to bring them in for consideration. Our pawn stores accept a wide range of items – from jewelry to sporting equipment. Selling us you items only takes a few minutes of your time. Often, people try to sell their items online, but end up getting less for their valuables or spend hours checking on their item for sale because so many other people have similar items, or because multiple people are making bids. When you sell our items outright in our pawn shops, you won’t have to worry about checking on the status of your sale – it’s just one quick cash transaction.

Wondering where to sell gold? Look no further than our pawn shops; we offer cash for gold at the best rates in Texas. Don’t be fooled by companies that ask you to send them gold via mail – you’d be risking losing your gold and the value of your items. We accept gold coins, scrap gold, gold jewelry, pieces of gold, and other precious metals.

Bring in anything of value to be considered and our pawnbrokers will access the worth of your item based on a number of factors: condition, marketability, and resell value. Selling your items outright for quick cash only takes minutes.

By selling your items in our stores, you are supporting a local business and supplementing your income. It is a much better option to sell or donate your goods rather than throw them away.

For questions, contact a National Pawn & Jewelry store near you.