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Do you want to pawn or sell your jewelry? We give top cash for diamonds and gemstones

Diamonds are woman's best friends... and ours! We just can not get enough of them. We are Texas’ number one pawn shop when it comes to diamonds & gemstones and our team of professionals are ready and waiting to help you walk out with a smile in your face and cash in your hands. We will give you the best market price for your diamonds with no hidden fees or commissions when you choose to do business with us.

Fine jewellery has been one of our favorite businesses for decades. We pay top cash to buy diamond, sapphire, peridot and all kind of gemstones. From bracelets and engagement rings to mismatched earrings and broken chains. If it's made of gold or diamonds, we are interested.

Wondering where to pawn your Jewelry?

You need instant cash? Look no further than our pawn shops; we offer top cash loans over gold at the best rates in Texas. We accept gold coins, scrap gold, gold jewelry, pieces of gold, other precious metals and watches.

Would you like to find out more about your gold and precious metal jewelry?

Things like what does it weigh? What is the exact content of the metal? Is it solid or is it gold plated? Is it 10 or 18 carat? What is its value? You can find out the answer to all these questions by bringing your jewelry to us for a free appraisal.

National Pawn & Jewelry is more helpful than a bank because you can borrow small amounts of money – without hassle in minutes. We don’t need financial information, proof of employment and, you never have to fill out a loan application. All you need is to bring your gently used jewelry and a valid ID to any of our pawn shops in Austin, TX and surrounding area. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are ready and waiting to help you walk out with a smile in your face and top cash in your hands.